Rockler Bandy Clamps, Small, 2 Pack

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With Rockler Bandy Clamps, one easy squeeze is all it takes to clamp a wide variety of edging profiles.

You'll find it easier than ever to clamp edge mouldings of almost any contour with Rockler's  clever new Bandy Clamp™ edge clamps.

The Bandy Clamp combines the easy one-handed operation of a spring clamp with the even pressure and no-mar qualities of a super-tough rubber band. Just open the clamp and stretch the band over your edging material—the deeper you set it, the tighter the pressure.

Once the Bandy Clamp is in place, it's jumbo ultra-grippy clamp pads simply will not slip, allowing all the clamping force to be transferred into the material. Since every contact point is a no-mar surface. the clamp is ideal for delicate mouldings, even for soft materials like white pine and Jelutong.

What's more, the clamp works great for keeping power cables, extension cords and pneumatic lines out of your way as you work. You'll find countless uses for it around the house as well as the workshop!


  • Proprietary rubber band is made from a tough, tear-resistant material, with three extra-strength splines molded into it.
  • Large, ultra-grippy clamp pads hold tight without slipping.
  • Pivoting jaws accommodate angled pieces and allow full pad contact regardless of stock thickness.
  • To adjust tension, simply stretch the clamp further into the material.
  • Easy cleanup—wood glue flakes right off the rubber band material.
  • Rubber band conforms to any shape and will not mar delicate materials.
  • Also works beautifully for cord management tasks like storing extension cords.
  • Spring clamp is made of high-strength nylon with fiberglass fill for added durability.
  • Handles are over-moulded with an easy-to-grip rubber for greater comfort and control.

Included in Your Pack:

  • 2 each Small Rockler Bandy Clamps


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