Toolcraft Pen Turning Blank, Wood, French Sycamore (Figured), Sold Individually

  • R 9.90

Our Toolcraft Pen Turning Blanks are cut from the finest timber available in South Africa and each one is expertly hand-selected for colour and figure.

Like all other members of the true maple genus (Acer), French Sycamore is a hardwood whose sapwood is greatly preferred and sought after, versus its heartwood. It sapwood can vary from an almost pure white to a light cream colour with tinting ranging from a golden yellow to a muted red. Excellent figure is often present in the sapwood of the species.

Scientific Name: Acer pseudoplatanus

Common Names: 

  • Eng: European Sycamore / French Sycamore
  • Afr: Valsplataan


  • Length:
  • Width: 
  • Thickness:

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