Bosch Polisher GPO 950

Bosch Polisher GPO 950

  • R 1,689.00
  • Save R 510


Why this tool?

  • Polisher Bosch GPO 950 Vertical Polisher
  • Vertical polishing now made easy – Go ahead & shine
  • Fast polishing ensured by a 950W motor
  • Fatigue-free usage due to ergonomically designed vertical holding position
  • Quality output for all applications due to adjustable speed range
  • Highly controllable polishing process due to soft start, constant speed & variable speed feature
  • 950W strong motor dedicated for fast & great surface finishing
  • Optimized-designed tool shape for vertical polishing
  • M14 & M16 spindle available to be compatible with most market accessories
  • Speed pre-selection from 600 to 2100 rpm; precise speed adjustment +-2rpm with continuously variable speed set-up
  • 4-meter-long power cord
  • Soft start & constant speed function drives for smooth working experience
  • Ergonomic main handle and round-end side handle with soft grips
  • Lightweight and precise polish for the extra detail.
  • Handle the work effectively with soft rubber handle and convenient with automatic control knob
  • The compact design weighs just 2.4kg and is easy to operate and store
  • Powerful 950 watt motor with soft starter for efficient surface polish and low vibration
  • Automatic cooling system for long lasting engine life
  • The cover is made of high quality plastic for high impact resistance, anti-corrosion
  • Electronic speed control lets you control the speed of your work



  • Brand: Bosch
  • Code: 06013A20L0
  • Rated Power Input: 950W
  • Variable Speed: 600-2100rpm
  • Adaptor Size: M14/M16
  • ​Rubber Sanding Plate Diameter: 180mm
  • Weight Without Cable: 2.3kg

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