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RAMIA Workbench is a Czech family company specialising in manufacture and sale of wooden joiner's benches and workbenches.

The history of the manufacture of joiner's benches in Písek, Czech Republic dates back to the 1st half of the 20th century. The RAMIA Workbench company was established in 2006. It continued with both the manufacture of traditional joiner's benches and the development of new joiner's benches for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
This tradition is an obligation for us and at the same time, is our quality assurance for our customers.

Preferring Czech suppliers, RAMIA Workbench selects them very carefully. Another distinctive feature of the company is an experienced and well-coordinated team working in perfect harmony of professionals in their fields.
The RAMIA joiner's benches are widely used by professional joiners and carvers, domestic hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts as well as by schools and vocational training centres. Our products are available in the EU, USA, Canadian,  Australian, Japanese, South African and other international markets.

In a way, products of the RAMIA Workbench company are unique, as there is no competition in Central and Eastern Europe with regard to products of a similar sort or companies specialising in this type of manufacture.

The design of RAMIA joiner's benches always lays extreme emphasis on quality, integrity and service life.


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