Narex Cabinetmaker's Rasp, Hand Stitched, Fine Cut, 10"

  • R 1,699.90


Narex has once again listened carefully to their customers worldwide and now proudly introduce their own Hand Stitched Cabinetmaker's Rasps.

Hand-cut rasps function very differently from machine cut rasps. They cut much faster and leave a surprisingly good work surface, because of the excellent surface quality, extreme sharpness, and the randomised, irregular spacing of the teeth.   These excellent Cabinetmakers' Rasps are available in Coarse, Medium and Fine Grain.


  • Blade:  Carbon Steel, hardness 49 HRc, 
  • Tooth Pattern: Hand Stitched, Irregular 
  • Tooth Grain: Fine:+/- 60 Teeth per CM2
  • Handle: Stained Hornbeam Wood, Waxed
  • Total length: 395mm
  • Use: Used for fine shaping work by quickly removing a large amount of wood while leaving a smooth surface. Available in coarse, medium and fine grains.

Please Note: At Toolcraft, we advise you not to use a standard File Card to clear your Hand Stitched Rasp of wood debris. Doing so will result in premature dulling of the teeth.

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