Luban #043 Plough Plane, S/Steel

  • R 1,599.90
  • Save R 900

Luban has employed Investment Cast Stainless Steel to replace cast iron in this redesign of the Classic #043 Plough Plane.

The essence of the tool as a simple, fast & quiet way to create grooves for drawer bottoms, back panels, windowsills, picture frames etc is retained,  but with better materials and quite a bit of lateral thinking, a few notable improvements have been made.

The greater strength of steel and a clever rethink of the rear fence rod hole, has enabled Luban to replace the stippled casting web of the original with a larger, more comfortable, open bow handle that you can really tuck your fingers into.

The Luban #043 comes complete with a set of 4 metric blades and the wooden fence. 

Supplied complete with  3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm cutters. 


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