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Lake Erie Toolworks

Lake Erie Toolworks has been in business since July 2008 designing, building and selling the finest quality woodworking tools available.

Since one of the first tools that a woodworker should have in their workshop is a sturdy and functional workbench, that's where they focused our initial development efforts, namely by designing and building the finest wooden vise screws and related components available for your workbench.  These vise screw kits, crafted from solid hard maple, are fast, smooth and will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Lake Eire Toolwork's Moxon Vise, which is portable and very simple to use will allow you to cut dovetails and mortise and tenon joints anywhere, even on your kitchen table.  

Their latest product called the "ClampGAUGE System" takes the guesswork out of glue-ups and allows you to achieve the perfect glue up pressure while clamping boards together.  This provides a properly glued joint which will be stronger and will last longer.

Lake Erie Toolworks are also now in the design and development stage for an expanding range of additional woodworking tools that will help you be the best woodworker possible. As with any Lake Erie tool, they are built to last and you'll be proud to pass them down to generations of your family.

The Lake Erie Toolworks Leadership Team consists of:

Founder and President of Lake Erie Toolworks, Nick Dombrowski has been a woodworker for 14 years, 11 of which professionally.  Prior to starting Lake Erie Toolworks in 2008, Nick worked in various woodworking roles at Organ Supply Industries in Erie, Pa, while attending college.  He worked on building different parts for pipe organs including keyboards, consoles, pipes, etc.  Nick holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (2012) and is in charge of production, engineering and design.  Check out their Instagram, Facebook,Twitter or Blog accounts to see what he's up to on a regular basis.


Jeff Dombrowski, serves as the head of Marketing and Sales and also handles our Website.  With a Masters degree in Business Administration and with over 40 years of woodworking experience, Jeff puts his woodworking and business background to good use in helping to guide Lake Erie Toolworks down the right path.

Rachel Dombrowski serves as Lake Erie Toolworks Office Manager.  When not taking care of her and Nick’s three small children, she can be found responding to customer inquiries, bookkeeping, etc. 

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