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At Kutzall, there is nothing more important to them than quality; for over 50 years quality has been their way of life. This is entirely evident in the tools that they produce, the people they hire, and the individuals who use their products.

Kutzall was designed around one simple principle: your tools should help you work better. That's why every Kutzall tool is handcrafted to the highest quality possible, and is designed to help you accomplish specific cutting or carving tasks.

The secret to the cutting effectiveness of Kutzall tools revolves around their exclusive tungsten-carbide coatings. Each of their three hand-applied coatings (Kutzall Original, Kutzall Extreme™, Kutzall Grit) is aimed at helping you cut faster and smoother, last many times longer than traditional steel tools, resist loading, and clean quick and easily. The result is a tool that requires less maintenance, and helps you work better.

Kutzall's customers worldwide, put a tremendous amount of dedication and care into their work. Kutzall feels that the tools that you use should also be held to that same standard. Every Kutzall tool is handmade by hardworking, American craftsmen who pour their hearts and souls into each and every that tool they create.

The craftspeople who use Kutzall tools do so for very specific reasons: the quality is second to none, and the tools simply work better.

But don't take their word for it, read their experiences for yourself:

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