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Jessem Wood Sabre Marking Gauge - Imperial Measuring Scale

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The new Wood Sabre is a wonderful refinement of the crude marking gauges that have been around for centuries.
Jessem’s smart features and top quality construction make the Sabre a joy to use for laying out mortise & tenon joints, dovetail shoulders, or any other situation where you need a fine line scribed a precise distance from the edge of a board.
Built from solid aluminum, the design’s wide body makes a nice grip for your whole hand, not just a few fingers. The stainless steel guide surface is nearly 3” wide for great stability against the edges of boards, even when the shaft is extended to its full 6” range.
Reaching the settings you want is fast, and there’s also a high degree of repeatability built into the mechanics: The shaft clicks into detents every 1/2" as it slides through the body, and each turn of the micro adjust knob moves the shaft in or out exactly 1/16” from those positions. There's a window on the body with a scale that shows the shaft position in 1/16" increments, and the scale on the mike knob reads down to 1/256" - that's only 0.004"!
The pre-honed cutting wheel is A2 tool steel, 60 Rockwell hardness, and it retracts fully below the guide surface for protection when you're not using it.
Includes a machined aluminum bracket for wall-mounted storage.

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