INCRA Precision Tools, Mitre Slider, GlideLOCK™, Special Edition, 25.5" (648mm)

  • R 799.90

Introducing the New INCRA™ Special Edition Mitre Slider.

When you need to build super-accurate sliding jigs and fixtures, the new Mitre Slider SE combines the time savings of the original aluminium INCRA™ Mitre Slider with the unique performance and feel of the adjustable GlideLOCK™ Mitre Bar used on INCRA™ Mitre Gauges.These incredibly heavy-duty Mitre Slot Runners are perfect for your most demanding jig applications!

The heavy steel construction is more rigid than any wooden or plastic runners, and they are not susceptible to changes in humidity or temperature.

INCRA™ Mitre Slider SE bars are drilled and tapped with two separate bolt patterns: (4) #10-24 holes attach the bars quickly to your own custom jigs and they also match perfectly with the INCRA™ Build-It Panels. These #10 holes are spaced identically to the original INCRA™ Mitre Slider, so that the Mitre Slider SE is a direct, bolt-on upgrade to jigs and fixtures you may have already constructed for INCRA™ Mitre Sliders. There is also a second set of (3) 1/4"-20 holes evenly spaced along the length to accept knobs and other fasteners commonly used when building jigs and fixture.

Long-wearing Nylon GlideLOCK™ adjusting discs conveniently adjust from the top and provide a precise fit in the mitre slot of most table saws, router tables, and band saws, and the discs also give the bars a smooth, low-friction travel. The 18" (457mm) bar has two pairs of discs, and the 25.5" (648mm) bar has three pairs. Both sizes include removable T-slot retaining clips for BOTH ends of the bar for superior stability of larger jigs.


The INCRA Mitre Slider SE™ will fit square-sided mitre slots approximately 3/4" (19.05mm) wide, 3/8" (9.525mm) deep, and with or without a 15/16" (23.8125mm) wide T-slot at the bottom. The GlideLOCK™ adjustment will accommodate slots measuring 0.740" (18.796mm) to 0.765" (19.431mm) in actual width.

The INCRA Mitre Slider SE™ is not recommended for stationary jigs that must be locked into position within a mitre slot. The standard INCRA aluminium Mitre Slider is the best choice for these applications.

Sold individually, order two units for jigs that use both mitre slots.

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