INCRA Precision Tools, Hingecrafter, Metric

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The Incra Hingecrafter is Now available in a Metric Version! 

Nothing says “Craftsmanship” like adding matching wooden hinges to your projects! You've designed and built the ultimate cabinet or jewellery box, so why fool around with metal hinges and their tiny, fragile brass screws?

The HingeCrafter neatly drills hardwood hinge bodies that you’ve created using an INCRA LS Router System, INCRA I-Box, or INCRA Jig, allowing them to be pinned with commonly available 1/8”’ brass rod or hardwood dowel rod.
To match projects of all sizes, the INCRA HingeCrafter accommodates hinge barrel diameters of 3/8" (9.52mm), 1/2" (12.70mm), 5/8" (15.88mm) & 3/4" (19.05mm). The included extra long drill bit allows drilling hinges up to 10” wide, and wider hinges are possible with longer bits - your only limit is twice the fluted length of your drill bit. The variety of hinge diameters and lengths give you hundreds of options for your next project!
Please note that the HingeCrafter must match the units used by INCRA router fences – metric INCRA fence systems require the metric HingeCrafter, etc. This does not apply to the INCRA I-Box, which can be used with either inch- or metric-based HingeCrafters.
Each wooden hinge is created with a straight bit and matching full-radius bullnose router bit. If you want to cover all the size possibilities, be sure to pair your HingeCrafter with our Whiteside Custom 8 Cutter Metric Hinge Making Bit Set. 
Includes an extra-long drill bit and full instructions. Made in USA.

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