Whiteside Router Bit Set, for Incra Hingecrafter, Metric (8 Cutters)

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The new Whiteside® Metric INCRA ®HingeCrafter™ Router Bit Set has been specially designed for Incra Precision Tools™ by the best manufacturer of router bits in the world.

The quality of the router bits that you use, will always be the deciding factor in the results that you will get, and American-made Whiteside™ router bits are as good as you'll find, earning #1 ratings in both of the past two Fine Woodworking Magazine router bit comparison tests (May/June 2007, August 1999).

All of the Whiteside™ router bits in this set are fully matched, two-flute, carbide tipped models with a 1/2" (12.7mm) shank size. and are designed for use with the Incra™ Metric Hingecrafter™ Wooden Hinge Jig.

Each wooden hinge requires a full-radius bullnose bit to shape the hinge barrel and a similarly-sized straight bit to cut the mating halves of the hinge. This set contains all of the bits necessary to produce wooden hinges with 9.52mm,  12.70mm, 15.88mm, and 19.05mm barrel diameters using the metric HingeCrafter and a metric Incra router fence system.

Please note that this set is NOT compatible with 1/32"-based INCRA systems or the standard imperial HingeCrafter. The bullnose bit sizes are shared with the imperial Incra HingeCrafter™, but the straight bits are metric, in order to accommodate the spacing on metric-based INCRA Fence Positioners. 

This complete Whiteside set includes:

  • Whiteside Straight Bit - 10mm
  • Whiteside Radius Bullnose Bit - 3/16"
  • Whiteside Straight Bit - 12mm 
  • Whiteside Radius Bullnose Bit - 1/4"
  • Whiteside Straight Bit - 16mm
  • Whiteside Radius Bullnose Bit - 5/16"
  • Whiteside Straight Bit - 19mm
  • Whiteside Radius Bullnose Bit - 3/8"



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