INCRA Precision, LS Wonder Fence Super System, 432mm Range, Metric for Router Tables, Bandsaws and Drill Press

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INCRA Precison Tools™ takes the legendary joinery prowess of the LS-17 Standard System, adds the day-to-day versatility of the Wonder Fence to the front, and now offers you a fully Metric INCRA Super System™, the true Decathlon Champion of router fences.

Let's face it, specialised jigs for specific operations, spend a lot of time on the shelf. Because the Router Table is the second most-used tool in most woodwork workshops worldwide, and the INCRA Super System™ is so versatile, it’s an investment that pays you back virtually every time you walk into your workshop.

This is a fence system that easily handles EVERY fence-guided operation that can be done on a router table: 

  • Producing raised panel doors with full zero-clearance
  • Edge shaping
  • Edge jointing rough lumber
  • Traditional joinery like Rebates and Dados, and of course producing the dizzying array of Box Joints and Dovetails that INCRA is so famous for.

The INCRA Wonder Fence™

The INCRA Wonder Fence™ slides into the front T-slot of the Pro-II joinery fence, it adds adjustability to accept any size of router bit and accommodates zero-clearance sub-fences. The Wonder Fence also adds the ability to very precisely offset the infeed and outfeed fence halves for edge jointing rough lumber, or for setting up for complex moulding jobs, such as  reversible glue joints. 

The LS Super Systems are available with either Imperial 17" or Metric 432mm travel LS units to provide their positioning accuracy. INCRA's patented Lead Screw Positioning Mechanism allows any woodworker to quickly set the fence within 1/1,000" (0.025mm) of any desired position.

In woodworking terms, that's accurate enough to split the line from a sharp pencil into 25 equal parts! And because an INCRA Positioner is mechanical in nature, every fence setup is easily repeatable with zero errors,  hours or even weeks later.

INCRA Lead Screw (LS) Technology:

The INCRA LS Positioner's accuracy is +/- .002" (0.05mm) across its range on the lead screw's 1/32" or 1mm primary increments, so it is essentially perfect even without the built-in Micro Adjust. The large Micro-Adjust knob turns the lead screw against the mating threads, allowing the fence to be shifted between whole increments with 0.001" (0.025mm resolution), to give you the opportunity to tweak the width of a groove, or zero the fence against a router bit.

The fence used for the Super Systems is INCRA's Pro-II 28" (711mm) joinery fence, which features a surface that's machined flat in a milling machine and a T-slot for adding fixtures or installing the INCRA Wonder Fence™.

The Pro-II fence directly accepts the ShopStop™ or INCRA Stop™, and there's also a 13" (330mm) telescoping extender bar for stopping grooves being cut into longer boards.

The INCRA LS Fence Wonder Fence Super System™ also includes:

  • INCRA Master Reference Guide

The INCRA Master Reference Guide provides straightforward instructions and 25 metric templates to slide into the LS Positioner to provide a visual reference for each joint pattern.

These templates can produce a mind-boggling variety of joints: 9 metric box joints and 16 metric dovetails, and each one of the dovetail patterns can be used to cut half blind, through, sliding, or corner post dovetail joints. The number of variations on the standard patterns runs into the billions if you have enough time to experiment.

  • INCRA Jumbo Right Angle Fixture

INCRA's  largest Right Angle Fixture is included to keep workpieces square to the fence and square to the table for joinery operations. 

  • INCRA ShopStop

Instead of the basic stop block used on typical router fences, the included INCRA ShopStop is based on INCRA's patented Incremental Positioning Racks to give you unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, when limiting a board's travel across the router bit or setting the endpoints of stopped grooves for drawer and box bottoms.

  • INCRA LS Instructional DVD - 82 Minutes

The INCRA LS systems are topped off with a 1hr, 22min Instructional DVD. This great disc is loaded with information - how to take advantage of the optional Wonder Fence's advanced features, how to cut perfect fitting rebates and dadoes, and it also features full-length instructions for box joints and the four most common styles of dovetail joints. 







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