Freud Sawblade, Industrial, Ø-160mm, 42 Tooth, Aluminium Cutting, LP85M002P

  • R 759.90

The world leading & remarkably versatile Freud LP85M002P is the perfect Portable  Circular Saw Blade for cutting Bi-Laminated Panels and Solid Drawn Products, Tubes and Non-Ferrous Metals.

This blade is specifically designed for usage in Portable Circular Saws.


  • Blade Model: LP85M002P
  • Number of Teeth: 42
  • Blade Thickness: 2mm
  • Outer Diameter: 160mm Ø
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 7700 RPM
  • Alternative Tooth Bevel: 45º
  • Hook Angle: 0º
  • Bore Diameter: 20mm Ø
  • Width of Cut: 2.8mm
  • Relief Angle: 15º


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