DMT Diamond Whetstone, 6" (150mm), c/w Plastic Box

DMT Diamond Whetstone, 6" (150mm), c/w Plastic Box

  • R 999.90


The DMT W6EP 1,200 Mesh All-Purpose Whetstone sharpens and hones a variety of household tools and equipment, maintaining the accessories for the hobbies of just about everyone in the house. Its most common use is for sharpening kitchen cutlery and scissors; however, this whetstone also works on chisels, planes, masonry drills, and other shop tools; garden tools; ice skates; climbing equipment; ski edges; fishhooks; ceramic; stone; and glass.

The whetstone is durably and uniquely constructed of perforated steel moulded into a plastic base. The surface features minute pieces of diamond, the hardest known material for sharpening, embedded into a nickel plate, to achieve an extremely sharp edge. The bonded diamonds are arranged around an innovative pattern of plastic discs and the combination of these two materials greatly reduces sharpening time and resists wearing over time.

This particular whetstone is encrusted with an extra-fine diamond grit of 1,200 mesh, which is the least abrasive and better suited for polishing an edge after a few strokes on a coarser grit. The surface should be moistened before sharpening. After sharpening, the whetstone may simply be wiped off and its nonporous properties prevent water from seeping below the surface.

This whetstone measures 6" x 2" x 3/4" (150mm x 50mm x 19.05mm) and has rubber safety feet underneath it to prevent sliding during sharpening. DMT generously vows to replace any product found to be defective free of charge.

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