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SHELIX® Cutter Heads. Toolcraft South Africa is proud to offer you a life-changing upgrade to your woodworking jointer or planer.  We can supply genuine SHELIX® Cutter Heads for over 500 different machines, so please contact us for a quote on a SHELIX® Cutter Head for your machine.  All SHELIX® Cutter Heads are specially made to order in the USA and your Cutter Head will take between 60 and  90 days to arrive, including shipping.

Upgrade to a SHELIX® Helical Spiral Cutter Head today and forget about replacing knives for a really long time. 

All insert knives in a SHELIX® Cutter  Head are sharpened on all four edges. When one edge becomes dull, simply rotate the knife insert and continue working. 

There is no need for adjusting any knives as you needed to do with your old head. These inserts auto-locate right into position every time.  Best of all, the inserts are made from solid carbide, which means that each single edge per insert will last you a lot longer than your old steel knives.

The name SHELIX®  comes from "SHEar" and "heLIX" - SHELIX®The SHELIX® HELICAL SPIRAL Cutter Head combines the advantages of shear, helix and spiral tooth action- resulting in a smoother & cleaner cut across the board.

With the staggered tooth design, there is no longer a need to replace brand new straight blades, if you happen to run a nail or hard knot through you planer. With the SHELIX® design, you just need to rotate or replace 1 or 2 inexpensive inserts.



  • True Helical Cut (slices the wood)
  • Extremely Quiet Cut
  • Greatly Reduced Tear-Out
  • Thicker four sided 2.5mm Knives
  • Replace only damaged or dull knives
  • More Cutting Overlap Row to Row
  • Excellent Chip Clearance between Knives
  • Radius Ground Knives
  • Spiralled to Break up Chips for Efficient  Dust Collection
  • Shear to give Clean Cutting Action
  • Helix to Assist the Chip Flow

SHELIX Insert Replacement from Brett Byrd on Vimeo.


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