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BlackLine Tool Company

BlackLine Tool Company

Welcome to the Digital Age of Woodturning

The BlackLine Tool Company is proud to announce the launch of their State of the Art Woodturning Tool System, which provides the user with a safer and more ergonomically designed system.

BlackLine offers two types of woodturning tool inserts; the BlackLine carbide insert (CI) and a top of the range insert, the BlackLine Diamond (DI). Where conventional carbide degradation in performance begins within minutes of the commencement of machining, BlackLine Diamond Inserts produce unrivalled machining performance in terms of material removal rate and surface finish, for the life of the insert.

All BlackLine inserts have been specifically designed for wood turning applications. Unlike any other tool on the market the BlackLine inserts have been designed by material cutting experts for wood machining applications. BlackLine does not use inserts that have been designed for metal cutting!

Extended life of both of the Inserts is ensured through the proper ‘seating’ of the Insert in a custom designed and machined pocket, located at the end of the tool shaft. The Inserts are fixed to the shaft with a Torx securing system, providing more effective and longer lasting results. An important feature of the seating arrangement is that the inserts can be rotated to provide different cutting options.

The BlackLine shafts have been designed using a Finite Element design package, to ensure a maximum factor of safety. Each shaft is hardened, sand blasted and coated for corrosion protection. The sandblasting provides a slight friction grip between the tool and the tool rest. This non-slip characteristic provides greater control of the tool and allows for the location of the tool at any angle of rotation on the tool rest without any slipping. Each insert has been designed with a specific application in mind. The BlackLine range of tools will enable a woodturner to undertake a vast range of simple and complex turning shapes.