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Brandon Winks

Brandon’s Favourite Tool

As a professional piano restorer, conservator and woodworking specialist having the right tool for each job is essential to an efficient and quality workflow, however there is one tool which I carry all the time which is neither specialist nor strictly speaking a woodworking tool and that is my Victorinox Multitool.

Most people would recognise the Victorinox name as synonymous with the Swiss Army knife. Their version of the multitool incorporates many of the tools of their knives. This is a good thing as many are superior to their Leatherman, Gerber and SOG competitors.  Victorinox scissors outshine the others for example. Fit and finish in the Victorinox is definitely superior with all blades polished to a mirror finish.

A day doesn’t go by when the Multitool doesn’t come to the rescue…. Whether it is performing running repairs to my wife’s spectacles or adjusting piano rods under a grand piano. It may include slicing a broken bridle strap from a piano hammer in order to glue on a new one. It has come in handy recently to strip the wires and reconnect them in the plug top of a client’s vacuum cleaner to get it running to clean under her piano. I regularly grab it off my belt to slice open a packet of sanding discs in my workshop or open a box of tools when I am at work at BPM.


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Theodore - December 31, 2020

Amazing the variety that many a woodworker will/would choose as a “best to be stuck on an island with”.
Me…..? …they have’nt gotten that far yet in the bright-sparks area to invent the un-missable companion to wanna go island searching.!!

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